Case Studies
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“Last year, we were still working like slaves! 80+ hours a week and we barely took home $60,000. Our daughter was about to start university and my wife had to stop work because of illness. Then our accountant called with the bad news. We owed $236,000 in taxes.

A friend recommended Gary take a look at our business. That was six months ago.

The very first month our sales increased from around $11,000 a month to $103,679. And we’ve grown every month since.

It feels so good now to be just working just 3 days a week. It’s great to spend time with my family. We feel so relieved because my daughter’s school fees are paid and the tax is gone too. Plus we’ve been of 2 family holidays this year already!

I’m so happy to be free. We’re starting to enjoy the life we’d always hoped for. Thank you!

- Mike H., Texas, USA

“My wife and I have been in business for 18 years. But we reached a point where we were really struggling to generate consistent streams of revenue. Our marketing campaigns were stagnating. We had stopped growing.
Then when a big retail outlet moved into our marketplace we really got scared. We thought we were hosed.
Stressed, we tried spending more on advertising, but the ad agencies just took our money and blew it.
Things were getting desperate. I couldn’t sleep at night. Our relationship was on the skids and it looked like we were about to go under.
Then, a really good friend of mine told me about Gary. We asked him to analyse everything we were doing.
In less than an hour, over the phone, we had a plan!
And in less than a week, we got things rolling. We set up the first campaign and by Friday, we had smashed our revenue record.
By the end of the first month we had made more profit than we had in the last 2 years. Our stores were going crazy!
But that’s when it started to get really exciting. Because then Gary showed us how we could really take our business to another level.
Gary showed us how to multiply our profits by bringing in new streams of money we hadn’t even thought of, hidden inside our business.
We had no idea the goldmine we were sitting on all these years!!
Now, our business has grown to 8 figures. And, we’re on track this year to beat our previous best 10x. By 1000%!
And the best part about it is we didn’t need to invest in more staff or infrastructure. It’s like we’re just printing money!
We’ve bought a new beach house. Our kids have everything they need. And we all get to spend more time together!
Now, our biggest worry is where we are going on our next holiday.
I cannot tell you how happy we feel!
Gary’s simple ideas have changed our lives!
I wish we had found him years ago.
Thank you, Gary!”

Bob S. - New York

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